Mr. 1%er – Mitt Romney

Romney was walking the rope line outside of his headquarters in Charleston, S.C., just today when a person off camera asked, “What would you do to support the 99 percent, seeing as how you’re part of the 1 percent?”

Romney responded in anger saying, “If you’ve got a better model, if you think China’s better, or Russia’s better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better, I’m glad to hear all about it, but you know what, America’s right, and you are wrong.”

Right Wingers, like off shore Hedge Fund manipulator Mitt Romney, just never seem to tire in telling other, less well to do US citizens, to get out of ‘their’ USA… that is when THEIR sorry politics get challenged by decent folk. Like it really might somehow be wrong for somebody in the US to challenge this rich asshole, Romney, because North Korea is on the map, too???? How so?

So who wants an illogical but SUPER RICH moron like Mitt Romney to become prez? Anybody? The Republicans really are in a totally sorry state this election year so when we are only given morons and con artists to choose from, it really does call into question the idea that the US is actually a democracy. I don’t think the US is a democracy at all in fact…. Real democracies are not run on dollar bills and corporate corruption, are they?

The situation in American politics has become so sad these days, that many are beginning to find electing even an Ayn Rand ideologue, Ron Paul, to be their most attractive choice in the presidential race. Gag us! Talk about one step forward and two steps back. That would be getting out of the frying pan and into the pot.

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3 Responses to Mr. 1%er – Mitt Romney

  1. Avatar Marie says:

    Tony, you know as well as I that the whole thing is a meaningless charade. You were wise enough to eschew “hope” in 2008. I have to live with embarrassing signs in my crawl space.

  2. Avatar Don says:

    Hey Mr. Educated. You do know the USA is not a democracy right? It never was. We were founded as, and still are a REPUBLIC. Now if you would like a second to look up the difference between the two, and restate your argument based on a constitutional stance, perhaps you can be a little more seriously.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Ok, Don, you tell us what you personally think is the supposed difference between a ‘republic’ and a corporate pretendo ‘democracy’? It always gets me when you herd of jingoite, Nationalist brainwashed Americans think there is some grand difference between the two, when there basically is not.

    And btw, who the Hell cares what the founding slave owners of this country set the US government up to be, well over 200 years ago? I don’t, Don. Do you think these ancients were like Moses writing down God’s commandments in stone, and that now we all just placidly and passively should just go along with our orders from the founding dinosaurs for the next billion eons? Nothing should change? It’s all written in rock????…and blah blah blah? Jeez!!!!! What a dumb ideology that would be…. and is.

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