The US Left doesn’t understand much about the current state of the Pentagon and the US military

Much of the US population has been told by US Left liberals that the US ‘lost’ the Vietnam War and that the US military is some sort of paper tiger, when in reality the US military continues to be a very capable US ruling class killing machine that has killed millions around the globe since post WW2. Here following, I will list 2 recent examples of how the liberals and Left mislabel the US military this way by claiming that it is weak, and some few of the many reasons why they often do such.

First is this example in an article in the newspaper ‘Socialist Worker’ of the International Socialist Organization, the larger of the US trotskyist leftover groups. Here they argue that the Syrian groups being used by the Pentagon in its efforts to overthrow the Assad government of Syria are not really aligned with US government efforts to fight the anti-Israel/ anti US forces in the Middle East, most especially those of Syria and Iran. It is a ridiculous argument, but here it goes…

‘The U.S. is in a period of deep structural economic crisis, Kailah wrote, which has led to a “significant decrease in the Department of Defense budget, and in the number of American forces, including the Marines.” The U.S. “can only wage one war (and it is now stuck in Afghanistan).” Therefore, Washington will not intervene militarily at this moment (in Syria) because it is not prepared to deal with a potential regional war.’ and …’The scale of foreign intervention currently in Syria is in the other direction–heavily weighed towards Russian and Iranian military and logistical support for the Assad regime. The problem of foreign intervention in Syria is not due to Syrian revolutionary fighters who accept weapons from the outside in order to protect themselves and engage the regime’s forces.’

Almost all the author says is a complete and total misassessment of current US government and US military intentions and current US military strength. See Syria's revolutionary resilience Yusef Khalil examines the latest developments for the Syrian revolution.

Instead of warning the American people that the US government plans more war in the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide and is ALREADY actually engaged in multiple wars right now, the Marxist author actually attempts to convince us that the Pentagon and US politicians are incapable of doing so! Talk about doctrinaire idiocy! It shows the author’s total noninvolvement in any antiwar activity, too. This guy, PLUS the organization International Socialist Organization, are both living in dream worlds.

The second example of this sort of lazy, aberrant, and misleading underassessment of the US military can be found today at Counterpunch and is written by their frequent commentator, Mike Whitney where the argues that the US has lost the Afghanistan War! Really, he does! See Cut-and-Run Time Afghanistan: the Smell of Defeat

Here is the concluding summary of his opinion that the Pentagon is a paper tiger…

‘But the truth is, the United States was defeated in Afghanistan. If we can grasp that fact, then maybe can stop the next war before it gets started.’

Say what? Normally, Mr. Whitney, when an army loses a war ii is not then moving on toward fighting yet another dozen or so of them in the days and months ahead. This is what is so lame too about the theory that the US supposedly ‘lost’ the Vietnam War Left/liberal theorization. It is flat, nonsensical, and simply defies actual realities. The Pentagon simply is not an army in retreat, and no amount of fantasy thinking by liberal Mike, this author will make it so.

We could go on and pull up dozens upon dozens of more Left and US liberal lack of realistic assessment of the US military might, from the pacifist liberals to the commie Hard Left to the academic Left Libertarian types. The lack of any involvement in building up any sort of real antiwar movement shows in their silly notions that the US war machine is ‘losing’ its wars, etc. You cannot oppose these wars EFFECTIVELY if you think there is nothing much left to oppose really. We need a Left that can think straight about military and American militarism and not just throw out nonsense as the War Machine continues to roll on.

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