My Yahweh ! Who would have wanted to kill Yasser Arafat with Polonium?

Suha Arafat welcomes PA support for action, saying she long suspected her husband was murdered. Arafat's widow calls for swift exhumation of her dead husband’s body. ‘Seriously ill and perhaps fighting for his life, Yasser Arafat was rushed Friday to a military hospital near Paris that specializes in blood disorders. Supporters holding flowers and waving Palestinian flags greeted the Palestinian leader as he was wheeled into the hospital. It was the first time Arafat has left his Israeli-besieged West Bank headquarters in nearly three years. The 75-year-old Arafat has been sick for the past two weeks and blood tests have revealed he has a low platelet count — a possible symptom of leukemia or other cancers, as well as a number of other maladies.’ That picture at the head of the article is of Yasser and his wife, Suha, shortly before he died.

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1 Response to My Yahweh ! Who would have wanted to kill Yasser Arafat with Polonium?

  1. Avatar Dhanush says:

    Well, accept it, the Arabs or your Palestinians are no frined to anyone, not even to themselves. People that only nurse evil and destruction of others never have time to develop well!If the Palestinians and their Arab Islamic demons had succeeded in wiping Israel out in their unannounced sudden evil attack, do you think that fools making hypocritical noise today will care any less?Well, God always fight for his people, the Islamic people all over the world have the same evil trait.. Not at peace with their neighbors or themselves! They want it all yet never satisfied WHY??? Because they have a demonic belief that only long for blood! Check out Sudan or Nigeria (With their unreported Islamic genocide that has been ongoing for decades, with the help of the British though), yet do you hear the hypocrites condemning the atrocities? NO, the day those Christians will rise up to fight back you will hear the same dumb and deaf hypocrites condemning them, like they are doing Israelis now The Arabs lost their war to annihilate Israelis and they have nothing to demand but to accept their shameful defeat and pay compensation to Israel for that aggression!!! They should be grateful that Israelis/Jews are people with conscience, else the same thing they used to do and still doing when they conquer would have been their portion! I know Truth Hurts!

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