NATO US ally TURKEY hijacks Syrian airplane with Obama’s approval and approval of many on the US Left too

In case you missed it yesterday, US Pentagon and Nato ally, Turkey, has now taken to hijacking civilian aircraft in addition to its normal routine of fomenting terrorism on the ground inside neighboring country Syria for the US government. Barack and Mitt sit by here in the US approving these acts of terrorism and calling for Turkey to become even more terroristic in its approach to Syria. I guess our US government has been waging a War for Terrorism all along… See Turkey says Syrian plane carried Russian munitions.

Imagine if say China took to hijacking airplanes carrying civilians from the US to other countries, and then telling folk they had found munitions on board? IN this less than imperfect world, the US government is world leader in shipping munitions, and I’m sure that Turkey itself has had more than its fair share of munitions shipped into the inside of their own country. TRANSPORT OF MUNITIONS BY OTHERS DOES NOT GIVE NATO COUNTRIES THE RIGHT TO HIJACK AIRCRAFT! The US government and its allies would go berserk if China or Russia were to copy this sort of behavior! It would start WW3.

What gets me is how so many moronic Rightward drifting US Leftists are getting on board forgiving and just plain pretending that these acts of international US government motivated acts of terrorism are not being done by the Pentagon war machine, as they call, too, for the overthrow of the Syrian government at this time of war upon allies Syria and Iran together. The US Left seems to be in a state of coma right now regarding these issues. The burnt out ex Trotskyist site- 'The North Star' run by Louis Proyect is a prime example of what we are talking about here, however there are other US Left examples getting to be almost as bad as this in their push for more US government ‘humanitarian imperialism’ as well. You will not see these folk talking about Turkey’s hijacking of this aircraft. Shame on the Old rot ridden Left that is now behind its own capitalist government’s plans for war and regime changes.

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2 Responses to NATO US ally TURKEY hijacks Syrian airplane with Obama’s approval and approval of many on the US Left too

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I sent this commentary to North Star where it was left online with a reply from Pham. When an effort to continue to discuss the issue was made, the site refused to allow it to be done, preferring Louis Proyect to stamp Censorship on the discussion instead. Here is what happened as seen below…

    your comment is awaiting moderation.

    US sends forces to Jordan as check on Syria by The Associated Press
    Published: 10:36 PM – 10/10/12 @

    Instead of us in the US calling for the overthrow of the Syrian government by the Pentagon a real US antiwar movement led by real US socialists should and would be calling for US troops out of Jordan and Turkey, would we not, North Star ‘humanitarians’? However, there is no US antiwar movement principally due to the inaction of the US Left. (on thread 2 and on thread 1 this below happened…)

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    How interesting to see you now defend the hijacking of civilian planes by NATO, Pham. Is there any level of pro US imperialism you will not reduce yourself down to?

    I find it truly sad that so many Leftists in the US have gotten themselves so lost that they do not recognize air piracy by US allies to be any sort of war crime or for the act of terrorism that it actually is. This comes about from the lack of broad Socialist effort to build any true antiwar movement in the US since the mid ’70s.


    Why are Leftists so unable to discuss politics with others? Meanwhile on CommonDreams, no commentary about Syria and Turkey’s latest has appeared at all! It is sad to see Left sites hide away from any open debate of current events such as this. It is utterly depressing.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The censorship continues at ‘The North Star’, as they allowed one of the previous comments by me online at their site while keeping the comments about US troops in Jordan offline and keeping the issue undiscussed by themselves in any way!

    Here is the latest BLOCKING of opposing comment to their own pro overthrow the Syrian government USA mindset…

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. (that means that it is not allowed on the North Star website- CENSORED-)

    The idea that US antiwar activists should be calling for US ‘help’ (what is really going to be direct overt entry into overthrowing Assad as opposed to the Pentagon’s current covert war) to overthrow the present Syrian government instead of calling for US troops to get out of Turkey, Jordan, Libya, and the rest of the Muslim World is just absolutely appalling. What is this obsession that Rightward drifting US marxists (mainly from the ex Trotskyist School) seem to have with small fry people like Assad and Gaddafi? Why is it that they have no time to make any real effort to build an antiwar movement outside the control of the Democratic Party types but can spend their days and nights focusing on leaders in other countries who the US government wants overthrown?

    As a marxist myself, I am ashamed that so many people that have come out of the same political tendency of the past as myself today are now turning themselves into only marginally ‘Left’, Social Democratic sheeple for The Empire. Certainly this is a hard turn away from a position that the old time socialists of the SWP had during WW2 days, when their leaders went to jail opposing their own government’s imperialism. This group of humanitarian imperialist Lefty ex-Trots today would have been calling for comrades to get on board to help denounce the evil Hitler instead of trying to fight their own government’s plans for world domination.

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