Not much of a surprise at all- The CIA is arming Syrian terrorists according to the New York Times

Hey we knew that already! Report: CIA aids in funneling arms to Syrian rebels. According to The New York Times, the CIA is helping to vet Syrian rebel groups for arms shipments paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Well what did all the Lefty liberal humanitarian imperialists think? That the US was all uninvolved in the arming of the Syrian Right Wing opposition to Assad? It was nothing more than a spontaneous rebellion against a bad guy?

Talk about being stupidly naive and with heads stuck in holes in the sand full of Stalinist style bullshit being dropped! (Here we can talk most especially about one ‘unrepentant’ doctrinaire marxist moron’, Louis Proyect, who is a left over US Trotskyist- exSWPer blend- now tied to the unknown in the US, Australian Green Left Weekly crowd through his censored and rather closed off New York City based discussion list- See Latest 100 messages from Marxism list Proyect is the shining example of what a humanitarian imperialist acts like.)

This inability of so many on the US Left to recognize the opening battle ground of the coming US-Israeli military attack against Iran is appalling. Where is the US antiwar movement anyway? Did the US Left and liberal community forget to even try to build one?

RightWinger Ron Paul provides more leadership there than the US Socialist Left and Democrats seems to be able to manage! Sad…. His latest speech denouncing the US MILITARY interventionism against the Syrian government was spot on compared to what many marxist numbskulls can come up with. When Will We Attack Syria? by Rep. Ron Paul, June 20, 2012 The Left in the US never fails to amaze one at just how out of contact with reality it can be!

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