Now is the time of the Biggest Financial Scandal in British History, and nobody can find the Occupy Movement out there. Is it the same here in the US?

Where is British Occupy? Where are they? Biggest Financial Scandal in Britain’s History, Yet Not a Single Occupy Sign; What Happened? by ALEXANDER COCKBURN

This commentary by Cockburn only goes to demonstrate that Occupy’s tactics and operations do need to be discussed out some and not just implemented willy nilly ad lib. If not, the lack of real discussion will soon lead to a movement just being disappeared, as much by itself as by the government working to do the movement in.

I fear it is now well too late for Occupy at this point though. It has already done itself in. The only hope for any reconstitution is perhaps in Orlando, and Charlotte, which the RP and DP conventions coming up. However these conventions are merely possibilities for Occupy to operate in negative manner more so than in doing much positive. What is needed is really some hard goals to be picked by Occupy, and then for Occupy to stick with them and try to achieve them without being distracted.

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