Obama pulls Washington’s injured killer out of Yemen

This loyal Middle East henchman and US servant issued this statement upon his departure….

“I ask for pardon from all Yemeni men and women for any shortcoming that occurred during my 33-year rule and I ask forgiveness and offer my apologies to all Yemeni men and women,” said Mr. Ali Abdullah Saleh in the televised speech. “Now we must concentrate on our martyrs and injured.”

Who is #1 of these supposed ‘martyrs and injured’? Why that would be the ex dictator himself, Ali Abdullah Saleh, but only in his own head though. But what a lie!

Washington would immediately send him back to Yemen to stand trial for the thousands upon thousands he has murdered and tortured through the years, if Obama had any decency left inside himself. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

Obama has sent this servant out of his own country, Yemen,in order better to try to maintain the Pentagon’s control over that region. Nobody in Yemen is much deceived about this at all, and they will most probably continue their rebellion against the DC maintained regime they face. It’s only Americans who remain ignorant of the real US role of maintaining tyrannies throughout the Middle East…. Yemen not alone. Expect the media to continue to try to cover up the truth about the events that are happening there in Yemen.

(from the Christian Science Monitor) Yemen 101: Who’s who in the escalating conflict

With many relatives and allies still remaining in high-ranking positions, some expect Saleh to wield significant influence from behind the scenes. But with an extremely volatile situation, where protesters have called for the ouster of Saleh’s entire regime (not just the head of it), it’s not certain the country will long be in their hands.

In that light, Washington’s decision to allow him to receive medical care in the US could damage American relations with a future Yemeni government by creating the impression it is sympathetic to Saleh, who has many enemies from his long legacy of divide-and-conquer rule.

Full article at Yemen's President Saleh departs for US, apparently ending his rule

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