Obama pushes to return White House to the Republican Party by coming out for Gay Marriage to unite Republicans

At a time when the Republican Party was infighting at every level, Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the 2 Clintons found a unique way to unite the Republican Party behind a weak and universally disliked Mitt Romney. They decided to make the dividing line between the two corporate parties Gay Marriage! Will it work? Will the Democrats once again be successful at returning themselves into the position of being the pretend oppositional party, where they can safely keep the Democratic Party’s ‘liberal’ community thinking of themselves as some sort of dissidents instead of the milquetoast pro corporate class 1%-ers they really are?

It is hard for the Democratic Party leadership to be in the White House pretending to be fighters for change, when every bit of the party leadership is actually Big Money Big Business made. Easier to pretend to be fighting the Republicans even as they cooperate with them on every major issue. Easier to take a loser issue in the US and LOSE! Gay Marriage is that issue…

Look for a resurgent Republican Party to take the White House back in November. It will be hard to do because Romney is so completely nauseating. But then again, the Democratic Party leadership is so corrupt and stupid. Or is it that they just want the Republicans back in the White House and not themselves? Impossible you say? Are you really so sure of that though?

I saw the PRI, the world’s longest one party dictatorship, jettison their own ‘presidential’ possibilities in Mexico by running an incompetent and married gay male politician, and letting the PAN beat up on that right before the selection/ election. Vicente Fox got in as a result. End of ‘dictatorship’ and Mexico’s bad reputation as having one.

The PRI did it for the betterment of the Mexican business elites and perhaps that’s what motivates the US Donkey Party Establishment as well? It’s not like the corporate world is going to demote the Democratic Party politicians when they lose the White House to the Republicans once again. No… never! There will always be a place for the donkey heads in the corporate world they help make up. None of them need to go and work down at the local Starbucks as barrista. Don’t cry for them, America.

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