Occupier vs The People, how they lie about ‘protecting Free Speech’ for us

Just the name Occupy Wall Street is an antiwar statement. The US military is an Occupier military against The People for the 1% Super Rich, and we are the exact opposite of such. We would Occupy the lands of the Rich and give to the Poor instead. The pro militarism people always say that they have ‘served’ to protect my ‘Free Speech’. Does that occupier with the rifle look like he is protecting OUR ‘Free Speech”? I doubt it. Remember Kent State and Jackson State!

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7 Responses to Occupier vs The People, how they lie about ‘protecting Free Speech’ for us

  1. Avatar Impartial Observer says:

    That soldier protects your right to stand in front of city council and look like a retard. He also protects the lives of Americans. How can you be so disrespectful and bitter? How is the name Occupy Wall Street an anti-war statement? Those people don’t even exist anymore. Occupy the lands of the rich and give to the poor? Sounds socialist to me.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The idea that freedoms are somehow ONLY protected by uniformed soldiers is pure unadulterated bullshit. I am supposedly ‘disrespectful and bitter’ because I don’t like being in a country that constantly is bullying other parts of the world by its military created by the 1%. The 1%’s military has done nothing nothing nothing to protect any of the public’s freedoms which the 1% hates totally, and does not protect EVER EVER EVER but tries merely to destroy. Get it, Red Baiter?

  3. Avatar Impartial Observer says:

    Do you live in the United States? Those soldiers are fighting on foreign soil so that the fight doesn’t come here. Not rocket science! Red, white, or blue – those soldiers are helping protect ALL. I think you have some real anger issues.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No the soldiers are not fighting for anybody’s Freedom. They are simply fighting as mercenaries in the 1%’s military. They are fighting to keep others enslaved to US corporate owners and US Big Business profit making. Grow a soul, IO. And grow a brain, too.

  5. Avatar Impartial Observer says:

    This is clearly an anti-military deal. Good luck to you Tony Logan…you are insane. Learn when and what to capitalize.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good luck to you, too, IO. We are glad you visited and come back anytime.

  7. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Speaking for the Native half of the family, the entire institution of The United States is a continuation of 523 years of European Occupation. Carried out with deep malicious intent by French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hessian, Prussian, and all coalesced into the US Army.

    Murder and the threat of further murders is what “made this country great”. The police slaves who think they hold the power in America can’t do a damned thing without prior orders from the rich bitch Wall Street punks.

    As they told me themselves while trying to impress me with their torture sessions. So, who exactly is the guy with a gun protecting? What rights, what freedom of speech? One of my friends was murdered by the Fremont County deputies, the same ones who assaulted me several times, while I was isolated and outnumbered and chained. Where were the Military defending John Walter or myself in that?

    Oh, that’s right. the PIGS who did that are Veterans or even National Guard/Reserve soldiers, who had experience from such training grounds as Khandahar Prison, Baghram AFB, Abu Ghraib Prison, Gitmo and perhaps a hundred other torture centers that don’t get much attention… Because The Army Is AFRAID The American People Would Rebel Against Their Police State If The Truth Was Believed. As Tony said, thank you. Your jingoistic chanting of the bullshit we all endured in school and Boy Scouts and those of us who took part in ROTC and later “service” in the Military, hey, obvious lies like what you spouted, “Impartial” observer,
    They can be capitalized.

    Your Wall Street heroes are paying (poorly) the Cops and Military to first establish a Police Dictatorship in America and then spend trillions of dollars expanding that Police State to the rest of the world.

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