Old CIA hand made new Guatemalan ‘president’

US School of Americas, Fort Benning Georgia trained Latin American death squad leader, Otto Perez Molina, has just been sworn into the Guatemalan presidency with the pledge that he will be brutal in carrying out Barack Obama’s Latin American ‘War Against Drugs’.

Perez has been a long time worker on the CIA payroll, participated in previous genocidal campaigns of torture and mayhem in the indigenous Highlands of Guatemala where several hundred thousands lost their lives, been implicated recently in political assassinations, and trained educationally at Harvard University as a young richie rich. Yep, fits the bill perfectly for being Obama’s newest puppet ‘president’ man in Central America. Poor Guatemala… Never has a land deserved so much better than what the US constantly dishes out.

So here below are excerpts from today’s Associated Press coverage of the new military dictator of Guatemala…

‘Perez, 61, is the first military officer elected as Guatemalan president since the end of a military government 25 years ago. He served in that administration as director of intelligence. “Today I call on my international associates to combat drug trafficking: Mexico, Central America and I make a special call to the United States…” Perez said. Perez has long insisted there were no massacres, human rights violations or genocide in a conflict that killed 200,000 civilians, mostly Mayan Indians.’

For more information see wikipedia’s entry titled CIA Activity in Guatemala. Look down in the section about the CIA’s activities in the ’80s for where Perez comes in…

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