Only in America….

Only in America can you have a region announcing that it has put into law a “Homeless Bill of Rights” as Rhode Island’s Governor Chafee is doing! Now just exactly what ‘rights’ could a capitalist economy give to their multitude of wandering Homeless other than to have a job? Why make up this bogus Bill of Bullshit, when you don’t grant people the right to have gainful employment? See Rhode Island Passes 'Homeless Bill Of Rights'.

Governor, you have already denied a person their human rights when you have made them homeless! Like DUH-@#@%@% !!! Saying that you merely won’t have the cops billy club people over the head because they lack property or income is hardly giving them a ‘bill of rights’!

Some similar spirit of capitalist politician nonsense is in Obama’s new not much of a dream legislation, too. Here, the US government grants that it will not hunt your newly arrived human being down like a dog if you have been here for 5 years as a child of your undocumented parents, who Obama presumably will still hunt down like people like they are just stray animals without rights, instead of being people with Human rights. Obama though says that if you were brought here by your parents, that he will EVERY 2 YEARS certify that you may go to the university …Whoopeee! …instead of jail as a criminal. Well ain’t he a saint? Thanks You, President Border Drone.

What if all those capitalist countries, the US, Mexico, and points further south made it a human right to have a job with a pay that supports life? Wouldn’t that end the Right Wing flag waving USA monkey’s so-called ‘immigration problem’ right and then? Why can’t capitalism deliver the goods? Why does corporate dominance over all of us sink so many people into homelessness, unemployment, and destitution? Why are so many people stoops about it all? Our American ‘Bill of Right’s is pretty much a piece of garbage at this point in history and time. We as people deserve much more than we got.

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