Operation Cross Country: US Police-Military State stokes constant hysteria about sex slavery being everywhere

The supposed campaign to rescue child sex slaves is now a lynchpin of the US National Security State. Feeding into it are all the Right Wing Republican leaning churches, the more hysterical of the left overs of the men-are-the-enemy ‘feminist’ sexual prude crowd, the Pentagon, the FBI, and multiple police departments around the country. Today, the FBI launched a wave of arrests to ‘save sex slaves’. See Fox News and its reporting to get an idea of the hysterical Far Right rhetoric here… FBI saves 79 kids held as sex slaves in US.

The purpose of all this has nothing to do with any real even minimal amount of existence of sex slavery, but of course is to try to create a huge constituency that supports the financing of more and more and more police and military units. To try to create the idea that we need to erect a gigantic prison gulag across the world.

Why the FBI and police departments get into this real big time to promote the idea of a need for more funding to themselves, the Pentagon loves this issue because it can be mobilized and used as an excuse for going to war in many remote regions of the world. Child soldiers, child sex slaves, evil villains that use drugs to get women into slavery or Muslims that use children as bomb carrying terrorists is always useful to mobilizing support for spending more on the US military.

The ‘save the sex slaves’ Right Winger denizens in the most hysterical corners of the feminist movement use this campaign, too, as reason ffor justifying their own political craziness as well. And the Right Wing church crowd also loves the pretend issue of battling against the evil victimizers of ‘sex slaves’, since it makes them feel Holier-than-Thou godly.

Here is the FBI website announcing their latest anti sex slavery SHOW operation… ‘To mark the fifth anniversary of the Innocence Lost National Initiative, the FBI Crimes Against Children Unit coordinated a national sting entitled Operation Cross Country to combat domestic sex trafficking in children. From June 18 to June 23, 2008, Innocence Lost Task Forces in 16 cities participated in the operation by targeting venues such as street tracks, truck stops, motels, casinos and the Internet where children are prostituted.’ …See FBI mapping of their operations for the press media

As we can see, for the FBI this is kind of game they are playing. Why would you find children in danger, but then sit back and do absolutely nothing about that until your coordinated day of ‘operation’ comes rolling along on the calendar? If the FBI does operate in such a manner, then it is as evil as any slave traffickers themselves ever might be.

This pretend police-military stuff of fighting terrorism has now morphed over first into fighting drug trafficking in Mexico, to the silliest campaign of them all, to now supposedly fight sex slavery. Hillary Clinton, mother of ‘us’ good guys, I suppose????

All this just goes to show how having a feaux liberal turkey like Barack Obama in power as Democratic Party president, offers little defense against this Godzilla sized, encroaching oppression of our rulers’ Police-Military state. If it was a President Romney pulling these stunts off, then the liberals might wake up from their Rip Van Winkle deep sleep. Surely they would one thinks. As it is, nobody seems to bat an eye no matter how outrageous the Police State gets with all their crash down the door operations. Not even the radical professor types. We seem to be living in a sinking sea of deeply idiotic official behaviors, all egged on by stupid big money itself. Somebody pleasehelp America out!

FBI: 79 rescued in child prostitution sweep. ___Is that really so? Or was it merely the FBI further victimizing street kids in the Homeless community, almost all of them completely jobless because the leaders of our society don’t give a damn about them at all? So stop the bullshit, FBI.

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