Our Pissy GI ‘Heroes’

By now most of America knows that many of the idiots that the US government is putting into military uniforms are quite often enough so stupid as to film themselves doing their Pentagon directed work, killing and maiming foreigners abroad. And they are not exactly appearing as hero film stars when they do make their naughty little sociopathic home videos.

The latest youtube release has ‘our boys’ pissing on a group of dead Afghans they have just butchered, and film directors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very ‘distressed’ at their ‘inappropriate’ shoot of this GI pee-fest after their US government sponsored killing was done. It seems that its very very bad pr for the home team of DC’s Democrats, it does appear. Kind of stains up that message of being the good guys.

So here comes along the spin geniuses at MSNBC who go off and try to ‘explain’ to America just how these nice boys next door got to be so naughtly and nasty and out of control. What happened? Try not to laugh just too hard now, America….. since it’s really not very funny at all. MSNBC wants us to think perhaps the US killers had “PTSD’! so they pissed on the dead bodies and laughed. I can’t buy it though. Can you?

….By Jeff Black, msnbc.com

‘The answer to why Marines decided to urinate on dead bodies in Afghanistan could lie in the adrenaline-charged nature of combat and coping with the stresses of war, which can make behavior incredibly unpredictable, experts say. Then again, the Marines shown in a YouTube video just might be “idiots.”

“These could be pranksters with extremely bad taste, or they could have other, deeper issues, like PTSD. We don’t know,” Eugenia Weiss, a military psychologist at the University of Southern California, told msnbc.com…..’

PTSD, adrenaline, and ….Hey! Perhaps it’s just old fashioned racist thuggery in US military uniform? Yeah… Perhaps that’s it? And that’s why I will continue to vigil with my sign… TROOPS KILL KIDS… even though it pisses the idiots off and they get nasty and assaultive when I do. I simply do not like the racist thuggery of the US military and the troops.

US military ‘supporting types don’t like it when the truth be told. It was racist thuggery that had these soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of their ‘kill’. Do they think that they were hunting just deer? Well they weren’t. Or did they think of these Afghans as just being ‘ragheads’ and therefore the murders were nothing more than just a joke?

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4 Responses to Our Pissy GI ‘Heroes’

  1. Avatar Raven says:

    Tony Logan, you need to go educate yourself before you make such ignorant statements. If it was not for American Soldiers, you would not even have the right to say such bullshit, and since you did not serve a day in your life, GO THANK A SOLDIER!!

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Raven, your whole idea of what is ‘service’ is so distorted and sick, and it makes it not the least bit better that millions upon millions of jingoist brainwashed militarist Americans are also accustomed to calling the PAID duties of killers (soldiers) for the US government ‘service’, as you do.

    FYI, I am proud that I have not ‘served’ the rulers of the US military. Why on earth is this group of America’s elite (the military) to even be considered ‘service’ men and women? They do not serve the people of the US, many who remain living in most desperate conditions despite the trillions upon trillions paid out to ‘the service’ people to kill foreigners at corporate DC’s biddings.

    You falsely claim that the US government’s military is responsible for Americans having the any personal right to speak out our opinions, while many of your Right Winger types actually hate those of us who raise our voices some against all the governmental rot, and become quite assaultive at times when the right to Free Speech in the US is sometimes minimally respected at best.

    Raven, despite you being part of the local Occupy group, you and your Right Wing cothinkers inside this Movement do not respect the personal right to speak out against the US military and its war making. You try to shout it down! You see someone speaking out against the constant war making as somehow attacking the individual soldiers personally, though that is pure bull. In fact, I deeply respect those soldiers that have begun to see the monster (The Pentagon) they have become part of instead of calling it ‘service’, as you do. Your attitude disrespects their turn away from being hired killers to trying to work to stop it from continuing on for all time.

    Also, it’s in fact a strange sort of ‘service’ when almost all members of the US military expect to become privileged to many benefits most non military Americans don’t have. Raven, I suggest that instead of screaming at others to get out of the US (as Ed has done), to get a job, or demanding to know if they have ‘served’ in the military before you will abandon your own personally assaultive behaviors towards them and myself, that you simply think some about what SERVICE might actually be? Because right now, you simply have a simpleton’s idea that service involves merely a uniform and pay check from the government of some sort. I find that rather sad and feel ashamed for you and others in Occupy who remain at such an uninformed and uneducated level of political consciousness. Use your head some before you yap off next time against those who correctly see much of the GI’s activity as thuggery, and not ‘service’.

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    What can I say tony? When you act like an asshole you get it back 3 fold…..welcome to your karma.

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