Pentagon versus THEIR troops

For grunts, being in the military can be an incredibly depressing ‘lifestyle’ experience. The top brass know that, so how do they respond when a soldier gets fed up and tries to desert the ranks by trying to kill himself? Why with typical military sensitivity, that’s how! See this news story about one grunt’s experiences with the US military machine… Lazzaric T. Caldwell, U.S. Marine, Fights Conviction For Suicide Attempt

Yeah, that’s right. The US military officialdom thinks that sentencing their soldiers to jail for half a year is some kind of an advanced scientific mode for curing suicidal depression evidently. Perhaps next they will begin using electric shock therapy on THEIR soldiers too for this condition of them becoming depressed about being in the military. Modern American scientific method is on the march inside Today’s Glorious and Heroic US Armed Forces!

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