Police response to Tulsa killings contrasts to killing of blacks elsewhere because in Tulsa the cops are not protecting those seen as their own

A couple of White men killing Blacks ad lib in Tulsa, and the police have responded quickly and appropriately and arrested the responsible parties, so far. But in Florida it remains a different story as the police apparently there see George Zimmerman as being somehow basically one of their own. Th reason for that is the intervention of the father or the vigilante assassin, and how that and his local political allies influenced decision making.

In Pasadena, California, the police just blew away another Black teenager and they then afterwards tried to charge another man entirely with the charge of ‘manslaughter’! That charge did not fly but still the cops allowed themselves to walk scotch free despite their unnecessary killing of a man. See Family of Black Teen Killed by Pasadena Cops Alleges Racial Profiling for that story of cops protecting their own, as they themselves commit unlawful acts.

And in Chicago, Black ex-cop shot 28 times by White cops is found guilty, fights for justice the cops shot away at a Black man 28 times, and then charged their victim with ‘assault’! The cops walked away free of any investigation of what they did in their attempted murder of a Black ex-cop. Protecting their own once again, gets both cops and soldiers free rides so very often! These two uniformed groups apparently see themselves way above the law themselves and their government bosses see it that way as well, because The People have allowed democracy to be totally stripped away from our society.

Let’s not let them continue to allow Robert Bales and the other soldiers to get off, despite their slaughter down of innocent children in Afghanistan. Cops and soldiers should not be above all law. That’s just too dangerous for all of us. Bales needs to be sent back to Afghanistan to face the law there for his crimes, and we the American People need to demand that the US government and the Pentagon stop hindering the investigation there of what happened. Throwing dollar bills at the survivors of these dead civilians simply is not any real justice for them. We should be ashamed of what our government and military officials are doing. And we should feel personally threatened by it as well.

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