Post mortem for Wisconsin’s election defeat- The Left needs to do more than just organizing inside the Democratic Party to win with the workers

Counterpunch just published a great post mortem about why the liberal Left lost electorally so big in the struggle against union breaking in the state of Wisconsin. One Year Weaker Wisconsin and the Left

The part of this commentary where the author underlines that the Left cannot just cede to the Republican Right Wing outside all the usual liberal enclaves is notable, too. In Colorado, the Left tends to hole itself up inside liberal Fortress Boulder just like in Wisconsin they do that inside liberal Fortress Madison. It don’t work, Liberal Lefties (talking to the likes of Michael Moore and Norman Solomon here)!

You cannot just leave the rest of the states outside the liberal enclaves to the Far Right Republican thing. And you don’t go forth while tying yourself down to the Democratic Party political establishment! IT DON’T WORK.

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