Prince Polo Polo of England

These photos are fakes…

‘The UK edition of Cosmopolitan has long been famous for its racy male centerfold spreads, but these images of a naked Prince William and Harry celebrating victory in a polo match, their modesty hidden by nothing more than a strategically placed trophy and a towel, look set to become legendary.

Too good to be true? Well, yes. If the ‘William’ and ‘Harry’ look a little irregular, then that’s because they are in fact lookalikes shot by artist Alison Jackson. The pictures were specially commissioned by Cosmo as part of the magazine’s 40th birthday celebrations. The cheeky snaps are also promoting men’s cancer charity, Everyman.

An Everyman spokesperson said, “Every man is extremely grateful for Cosmo’s ongoing support and for turning what could just be innocent eye candy into a potentially life-saving message. Women are the gatekeepers of men’s health and Cosmopolitan has been instrumental in promoting the importance of checking for signs of testicular cancer.”‘

We’ll see if we can find the real pics of The Prince! Whoops! Here’s one of him for real in a Nazi uniform! See Prince Harry Has Lost His Nazi Uniform Again

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11 Responses to Prince Polo Polo of England

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    So Tony, did you give up arguing with paid U.S. government propagandist Pham Binh and his gang of trolls?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    A very good question you ask here. I personally tried to give Louis Proyect and and his protege, the mysterious shadow character, Pham Binh, at the North Star website the benefit of doubt when they set this venue up to supposedly push for more open discussion among the English speaking Left. I tried to engage them there in honest discussion but they make it impossible to do so.

    As you most probably already know too, Proyect runs his so called ‘marxism list’ as its chief censor (‘moderator’) and he does it in alliance of sorts with many nominally marxists’ and socialists’ personal participation that helps support his own comic act as their supreme leader in all that is supposedly marxist thought. As he usually runs his ‘marxism list’ in most censorious manner cutting off almost all real discussion that is non conformist with his own pov, I thought maybe he wanted North Star to be a somewhat more tolerant of dissent online space for him to then try to promulgate his new spin on marxism even farther to the Right than before, where he now advocates bombings by the US military supported covert forces of the Pentagon worldwide, on countries like Libya when it was still headed up by Gaddafi, and Syria now headed up by Assad?

    However, once again Proyect and his side kicks find themselves unable to defend themselves and their reactionary political opinions without the direct use of outright removal of other peoples’ writing offline from their web sites, whenever socialist readers do not agree with where their own rather dullard heads are at in examining the current events of the world. Material I sent in disagreement to their own views was repeatedly quickly removed offline, or simply never allowed online in the first place, making it impossible to discuss Proyect and Pham’s ‘marxist’ ideas in any real way at North Star. North Star is no different than Louis Proyect’s ‘marxism list’ at all, except merely in its pretense to somehow be different and more open than what Proyect has already created there at his main website. How many people have I seen be thrown off ‘marxism list’ by Proyect through the years? It disgusts me to even think of the number of honest folk insulted in the manner that Proyect does to them ALWAYS. He is a butt with his head stuck up his own arrogant ass that way.

    The North Star web site represents a new stage of devolution of the English speaking marxist movement into a further Rightward moving ‘humanitarian Lefty’ imperialist manner that we saw a few years back with the ‘Save Darfur’ types that pushed for Pentagon attacks to be started against the government of Sudan. I will continue to write more about how so many older socialists, most from a previous Trotskyist background, have become sucked up into this sort of mindset. It is all very sad to see happen, but it has happened. The Old Left is fallen into an almost total decay at this point, and the enabling of Proyect by Right Wing flying marxists who participate complyingly in his lists is a most sharp illustration of this.

    Thanks for writing us here at Not My Tribe about the disgusting North Star mess which really gives socialism a black eye. Pham Binh and Louis Proyect, as pseudo socialists and pseudo marxists, make even Ron Paul’s Right Wing isolationism look good in my own opinion of the matter, when it comes to issues of War and Peace. That is truly sad.

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Actually, as I have suggested on The North Star, I am convinced that Pham Binh is an employee of the USG–probably the NSA or the State Department. It is too coincidental that he hung around OWS just long enough to get some leftist credentials, joined and left the ISO (probably because he wasn’t moving up the ranks) and then started The North Star right when the propaganda campaign against Syria started to heat up. Also too coincidental that he is also doing propaganda against Assange. He asked me questions about the PSL, information that the USG would want to see if it could be infiltrated. But what really convinced me he was an infiltrator was when he called for protests against Russia, which is exactly what the CIA is doing right now, with help, unfortunately, from the dupes or infiltrators in AI.

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    My suspicion is that several of the trolls over at The North Star are also infiltrators. Don’t know about Louis P, since he did have a good position on Yugoslavia.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Proyect is the big man behind North Star, and not Pham Binh. Proyect has moved steadily to the Right in all his politics and even with Yugoslavia, he held an anti Nato bombing of Yugoslavia position ONLY BECAUSE he thought Milosevic was some sort of socialist hero that needed to be defended and cheered for, and not also because he is consistently against the US and Nato doing regime changes ad lib against inconvenient governments that don’t fall in line with D.C. orders.

  6. When I said I don’t know about Proyect, I meant that I don’t know whether he works for the USG. But apparently not, since CIA types don’t go against U.S. wars. But Proyect is not “consistently” against US/NATO regime change. Isn’t he for the wars on Libya and Syria?
    Binh, however, is consistently in line with the USG’s positions. He was never a socialist. He has always been working undercover for the government.

  7. Oops, just read your last sentence again. However, my conclusion stands. If Proyect truly believed Milosevic was a socialist who had to be defended, he was not a government infiltrator.

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No, Louis Proyect is not a government agent at all. He is in fact, a true (CENSURING as ‘moderator’ of North Star and marxism list) jerk of a Right Wing marxist whose politics keep shifting farther and farther to the Right, as seen in his current positions in regard to the Syrian government and the former Gaddafi government of Libya.

    Unfortunately he has all too too much company for politics like this, and he like Clay Claiborne and Pham Binh, are all typical of a brand of marxist who does not participate in trying to build any real US anti imperialist movement at all. They are MIA.

    Right Wing marxists typically oftentimes barely seem cognizant of what is going on with US military interventions around the globe, ignoring most of these imperialist interventions as if they were not even happening. Further, these Right Wing marxists oftentimes are simply absent in any discussions of how the increasing militarism of US society is taking place and negatively impacting the political situation here at home. They just don’t seem to even be aware much of the social ambiance outside of secure liberal enclaves, such as Columbia University, as in the particular case of Proyect.

  9. Some were never Marxists at all, but are paid infiltrators of the U.S. government, pretending to be socialists. Where did Pham Binh go to school? What did he major in? How does he support himself?

  10. By way of comparison, check out Michael Diebert ( and Robert Kent ( Both claimed to be progressives while working to promote U.S.-lead regime-change in Haiti and Cuba, respectively. Kent is actually a CIA agent, who was sent to Cuba by Frank Calzon with a fake passport and a sack full of cash for the “dissidents” and to spy on the vice president.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Interestingly enough, Diana, when I went to find some sort of picture of Pham Binh, the only place I found one through Google Images was put online by Louis Proyect! Pham has only a very shadowy history at best, but Louis Proyect has a very long history in the marxist movement, and has many Right Wing marxist followers, in fact. He believes in the type of political regroupment of liberals, other assorted mush heads, and Right Winger marxists that Green Left Weekly and Solidarity USA push. The 28-30 y/o Pham is only a front for Louis Proyect, who is in his ’60s.

    And further, who just is Clay Claiborne, who one orthodox marxist site calls him ‘a Black communist who was working in St. Louis of the St. Louis Worker Unity Organization’? His positions about supporting the bombing of Libya and Syria by the US and NATO echo those of Proyect and Pham Binh, too.

    Here is him speaking… ‘I cry for the Syrians when I’m not fighting for them.’ on North Star.

    And Manuel Barrera, who wrote ‘Praying for a Wind’ (that would take the NATO supported forces into power) as an opinion piece there, I know personally as I was once his roommate in Houston, Texas. He was not too bright then, and even less bright these days I fear.

    These are all confused, befuddled, and Right Wing leaning marxists IMO. They simply are not very smart people who have though been lifetime marxists though, for the large part.

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