Like Princess Cruises’ management is what US society has let itself become

US society is like a giant luxury cruiser in international waters which is always saying ‘Sorry’ as it sometimes actively and most often passively, repeatedly kills people of other races and nationalities. In short, American society is a lot like the criminal Princess Cruises luxury ship, which sailed on by three Black Panamanians signaling a distress call at sea, so as not to inconvenience its mainly White clients on board. Here, in this event, one can see a microcosmic version of all that is wrong with US society today. Two people died due to the indifference of Princess Cruises. And thousands upon thousands of Iraqis and Afghans die due to the indifference of Americans as a whole. Princess Cruises sorry for ignoring Panama castaways.

Yes, Princess Cruises is sorry, SORRY that it is getting bad publicity for DELIBERATELY leaving these 3 Black men to their fate of being abandoned at sea, while their own rather well-to-do White customers sailed on by, even as several of them had the heart to urge that the ship stop and give aid. Princess Cruises says it is all a big misunderstanding…. ‘a breakdown in communication’. However, ship records show otherwise and the Panamianian government has now filed criminal homicide charges against the ship’s captain, Edward Perrin.

The problem of this attitude of Perrin’s and Princess Cruises’ is much bigger than just this one affair though, as the previous cruiseliner disasters already showed… Italy cruise ship disaster could take toll on industry

In fact, in industry after industry (nuclear, oil, cruise liner vacation, real estate, banking, medical insurance, and on and on goes the list) capitalist corporations show themselves to be totally indifferent to the well being of the people they supposedly serve, and to other folk whose paths they merely cross in usually most destructive a manner. YES, indifferent Princess Cruises style management is exactly what the US has let itself become under its corporate dictatorship. And the racism of our society surounds us everyday, for those who will only open their eyes a little and think.

Why should we allow Princess Cruises to escape liability for its murderous indifference to life? We shouldn’t. Unfortunately our own government will most probably continue to not regulate adequately the cruise liner industry located INSIDE the US like Princess Cruises is. Plus, allowing the boats to sail under foreign flags shows how corrupt these enterprises really are, and how corrupt is our own government for allowing just that. That practice should be brought to a halt.

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