Quebec – corporate government there pits itself against the students

Our US students and the English speaking Canadian ones mainly snore away, as the government and banks force them into debt slavery in order to get what has become an increasingly shoddy product, which is just what exactly educational credentialing has become as it has gotten more and more costly to obtain. And in Quebec, the provincial government has essentially moved to outlaw protests against rising credentialing costs! The students are now responding! Quebec’s largest student group vows to defy government’s new emergency law

Why does the US daily press keep us uninformed of this struggle? They don’t want us to know about it, right?

Here is the Quebec student response to corporate greed in short… On Day 100 of Quebec student strikes, red river of protest runs through Montreal

Meanwhile here in the USA, the overwhelming mass of the population acts as if it hasn’t a clue as to why The Occupy Movement has chosen to mobilize against the NATO meeting at headquarters in Chicago? These constant US Pentagon-NATO wars are bankrupting not only us, but the entire world as well, that’s why.

Until we wake up as a population as the Quebec students have done, we will only have less and less to look forward to ahead. The ruling class calls it AUSTERITY…. meaning AUSTERITY FOR OTHERS than they themselves of the 1 %. Wake up America! Don’t let the 2012 corporate selections lull you into total dead sleep.

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