Quebec’s government makes democratic protest an illegal act

One gets so damn tired of always hearing people in the US and Canada parrot the corporate media bullshit that they live in some sort of democracy. The increasing crackdown’s on all forms of political demonstrations keep getting more and more dictatorial Police State like and here is the current situation now in Quebec as student protests continue to rock that province with protests against rising tuitions. The provincial government of Quebec has passed emergency legislation to curtail the most sustained student protests in Canadian history.

‘Curtailing protest’ is the mark of the corporate Police State dictatorship. Who told this ‘democracy’ and its political hacks that their job is to ‘curtail’ citizen activities?

‘Opposition leader Pauline Marois from the Parti Quebecois called for Mr Charest (Quebec Premier) to hold elections because of the law’s unpopularity. Ms Marois said Friday was “one of the darkest days of Quebec democracy”.’

Indeed the Parti Quebecois leader is speaking the truth here. And in the US the situation is hardly any better than it is in Quebec. We want true democracy and not this National Security State corporate dictatorship currently in place over us all. Shame on the national governments of the US and Canada both for continually chipping away at the citizen right to protest government activities free of police assaults!

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