Racist Florida cops refuse to arrest Black teenager’s gun loving killer

Racist Florida cops refuse to arrest Black teenager’s gun loving killer even when they have witnesses that say he was murdered in cold blood. See Witness Speaks Out In Trayvon Martin Case … We in the general public need to stop these soldiers, cops, and Right Wing gun toting thugs from receiving total impunity when they commit their crimes.

Occupy Denver next Saturday will be having a demonstration against cop brutality there, and all of us need to show up and express our outrage at how military and cops are given special license that allows them to go out and commit crimes at will. The cop loving killer of Trayvon Martin named George Zimmerman needs to be brought to justice, and we should all be calling for him be arrested immediately for what he did…. which was to murder a young man because Zimmerman simply thought him ‘suspicious’ due to him being a Black teenager. Also hear the chilling 911 calls (Teen shooting 911 calls 1-3) made by neighbors, one of which where we can hear the victim screaming for help from someone that might save his life.

For more info about this racist police injustice see Witness in Trayvon Martin murder fingers police Further rallies against this Florida police irresponsibility probably will begin to occur nationwide.

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