Racist Texas cops AND POLITICIANS shoot undocumented from helicopters

That sicko clone of Dubya called Rick Perry, the current governor of Texas, is a very busy man. When he’s not defunding Planned Parenthood in his home state, he has been recently up here in Colorado campaigning for Mitt Romney, under the basic theme of going backwards in order to get to the future. But he also is energetically creating a war zone in south Texas under the guise of fighting the so-called ‘drug war’. That’s how we get to this story: Texas trooper in chopper shoots, kills 2 suspected illegal immigrants –in a car that might very well have been carrying children. The Republican meatheaded Anglo racist ‘policing’ lot just don’t care when it comes to the killing of others, when they have Brown and Black skin! (That’s Rick Perry stepping from a ‘Texas Department of Public Safety’ people-killer helicopter.)

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