Raise the minimum wage now!

Why vote for a bum like Barack Obama? You think that he is better for you than the other bum we are offered? If so, then why has he not ever been heard to support raising the minimum wage above a measly $7.25 per hour?

Or what about the SUB MINIMUM wage? You know. It’s the one that’s even less than the minimum wage. Can you imagine trying to live on that? I can’t. So what’s the MEDIAN hourly American wage, where one half of workers earn more than that and one half less? It’s not the AVERAGE hourly wage, where 2/3 of American’s earn less than such. The MEDIAN gives you somewhat of a better idea of how people are doing compared to yourself? So what is the MEDIAN wage?

May, 2011… it was $16.57. Is that with benefits counted in, or not? Who knows? If the Bureau of Labor knows, they certainly are not telling us…. Stats- Bureau of Labor

What is sure, is that we ALL need a higher minimum wage in place. Raise it up NOW!

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