Religious Discrimination passed off as ‘National Security’

Throughout the US, we have religious discrimination against Muslims by the police being passed off as being a pragmatic application of maintaining ‘National Security’ when it is not. The most recent example of persecution against Muslims being the news coming out about the New York City’s ‘red squad’. Oh excuse me now, since it is now actually called the ‘anti-terrorism squad’ as Muslims are the in-group of people to politically persecute for the cops, they being mainly non WASP in appearance and culture and all. See It emerges that NYPD monitored groups throughout Northeast

Let’s see now? How much terrorism inside the US has been carried out historically by Muslims? And how much terrorism historically in the US has been carried out by Christians. Is the NYPD or federal authorities monitoring those crazy Christians? I rest the case that this is anything other than religious bigotry when the cops across the US profile and harass Muslims. The main terrorist threat inside the US comes from Christians, and not Muslims… and it always has been so.

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    It gets worse. The prisons are recruiting religious volunteers, Christian, Jewish, even Jehovahs Witnesses into the Anti-Muslim oh, I guess we’re supposed to say “anti radical islam” movement.

    Using one excuse that Muslim prisoners are being radicalized by Muslim prison chaplains. I would think that being incarcerated, beaten frequently by guards and other abuses would tend to make somebody more radical than just hearing some ‘jive ass preacher’.

    I’ll post about it in more detail. Right now, I’m pushing the spam list on the left hand column out of the view of unsuspecting readers. Not that very many of our readers are stupid enough to fall for it. But we do get people who are hecklers and, frankly, professional crybabies. If they pick up some kind of bug from a spam comment they’ll bitch and whine and snivel that we didn’t do enough to protect their computers.

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