Republican imbecility reigns supreme in their dumb attacks against Planned Parenthood

Republicans really are unrepentant imbeciles. Democrats are usually semi repentant imbeciles. And Libertarian (Republicans) most certainly are the most arrogant, ignorant, and unrepentant imbeciles of the lot. So let’s take a quick look now at Republican Ron Paul and his attitudes regarding women’s rights to having a medically safe and secure abortion if needed to prevent unwanted motherhood. If you are a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant when you don’t want to be, Ron Paul will tell you arrogantly that you must carry that unborn baby to term, where he will then go on to oppose any governmental programs to help you care for that unwanted child.

On ronpaul.con he links to those grand authorities on women and their rights, the web site of ‘Priests for Life’!… (I kid you not!) Go there, read it, and then weep for all those deluded supporters of the guy who find somehow that this Republican is supposedly ‘revolutionary’ in his ‘thinking’. Here is ronpual.con’s exact link to index.aspx the ‘Priests for Life website.

And about ordinary run of the mill Republicans, on youtube Stephen Colbert explains their views to the general public. Remember that Stephen Colbert asked for getting those Republican voters to vote for him in the South Carolina Republican primary, but was less than totally successful in his efforts we should say. Stephen Colbert explains Republicans' theories about why Planned Parenthood supposedly must be stopped …I’d certainly hate to depend on Republican Doctor Ron Paul if I was a woman who didn’t want to bear an unwanted child. He’d make you be a Mom whether you wanted to or not! And apparently his supposed support for individual liberties stops when it comes to a Woman’s Right to Choose about her own body and when to start having kids.

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