Repulsive so-called ‘sex ed’ billboards sicken Colorado drivers up and down our highways now

You may or not have had the experience of seeing these repulsive ‘I may be naughty…’ billboards designed by Boulder-based corporate designer Vermilion, but if you have, you were probably appalled by the mixed up sick messaging. WTF –probably was what you thought. Who the hell is behind this sick and sickening nonsense? Answer: it’s your own messed up Colorado state government (Democratic governor) with the help of corporate market designing America pretending to be up to doing good deeds. Actually what they have done here is again to bring corporate advertising techniques into the Health Care field, and it looks much like a botched operation on the wrong patient! Egads!
Actually, ‘Vermilion’ gets much of its design style from designing campaigns for the nursing home and real estate industries as one can gleam from their website, among doing other corporate imaging commercials slop they mass produce. Who needs more of this, and paid from your taxes at that? NOBODY. PLEASE! Spend this money, Colorado State government, on ACTUAL health care (which you hardly really do at all) and stop forcing on us drivers such sickeningly crappy, corporate government advertising schlock!

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