Robert Bales, US military war criminal, was a conman with a nasty background when he signed up as a soldier

Info is now beginning to leak out about the criminal background of Robert Bales when he signed into the US military to be put into a command position. See Afghan Murder Suspect Joined Army During Fraud Probe …What a seedy guy this Sgt. Robert Bales is, defrauding a couple out of $1 and a half million and then running off to the military to join up to escape having to pay it back and/ or be criminally sentenced!

Of course, the military itself is the bigger con, trying to pretend to the world that Robert Bales acted alone as US war criminal. Afghans are not buying this, even as most Americans seem to be now playing stupid about what happened. Does our country even have any sense of shame left as it occupies country after country with the troops of its 1%? That is the big question the rest of the world would like answered.

‘Liebschner took his case against Bales and his firm to Wall Street regulators in May 2000, and an independent arbitrator later found that Bales engaged in fraud, unauthorized trading and unsuitable investments. In the midst of the pending case, Bales joined the Army and Liebschner said Bales could not be found after an arbitrator ordered him and his associates to pay more than $1.4 million.’

Not exactly the Mr. PTSD guy the media tried to sell us on, after all. Bales is just an ordinary thug that the US military had doing its dirty work of terrorizing people in foreign lands.

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