Ron Paul and Glenn Beck are from the same Libertarian ilk, Occupiers

This week while leaving a concert where I sat behind the Occupy Colorado Springs table talking to people about what Occupy stands for, I ran into two former Occupy people now very much withdrawn from the Occupy Movement in order to more consistently campaign for Libertarian Ron Paul.

I greeted them cheerful enough to see them again, but there was little conversation since they view me pretty much as Satan personified. They did tell me that I should vote for Ron Paul for President and I said ‘No Way! would I ever do that’. And I remain utterly mystified about why all these Ron Pauler former Occupiers think of the Texas Republican Party creep as being some sort of anti-Establishment rebel, when he is so clearly everything but that?

You see, Ron Paul and his son Rand are both Ayn Rand loving Far Right Wing Libertarians who love the business community dearly, and I am the complete opposite of that being someone who wants to do away with the American corporate dictatorship altogether. Ron Paul is a Republican Party dinosaur lover of the Business community,and I am not. Plus, I think that any Movement for change in this country that ties itself to the Republicans is just as sick as those liberals and so-called ‘progressives’ that always tie themselves and organizations they are in towards the Democratic Party of constant war. People who are deluded that Ron Paul represents them in a positive manner, really do not want at all to belong inside the Occupy Movement with those of my attitude. Apparently I am not considered part of the 99% by those of Libertarian persuasion. So go figure?

The Libertarian former members of the Occupy Movement are also precisely those who always are fond of preaching sermons about how cops and pro-war US troops are supposedly part of the 99%, and they do that even as the US troops continue to commit war atrocities and the cops continue to beat Occupiers over the head, tear gas them, and jail them, too. These former Occupiers believe more in supporting ‘the pro-war soldiers’ and cops, than they do in supporting Free Speech against our 1% run society, and they try to shut other 99% Occupiers up when they oppose their Far Right views.

Oh well, but I have digressed some from the topic of this commentary which is about how Ron Paul and Far Right Wing hate talk radio host Glenn Beck share much the same disgusting viewpoints together. Glenn Beck considers himself, too, to be a Libertarian Republican… see ‘THOMAS PAINE VS GEORGE WASHINGTON’: SANTORUM AND BECK PART WAYS ON LIBERTARIANISM for some current information about that. And Ron Paul even considers the substitute that Glenn Beck has had for his TV program, as to be a fine vice presidential material if he were ever to gain the Republican nomination for being another Repug President. See this you tube video where he states such, too… youtube video- President Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano as Vice President!!!!

Andrew Napolitano as vice president of the US???? PLEASE!!!!!! This is a guy who was Glenn Beck’s second in command at his Hate Talk TV show! I’d rather have even Santorium or Romney get into the White House, than to see Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano there! A Glenn Beck clone in the viece presidential office? No way!

Glenn Beck appeared on Andrew Napolitano’s Fox Business show after announcing the end of his Fox News show, and told Napolitano outright that he wanted the judge to succeed him in the 5 P.M. time slot. When Napolitano wondered “what can be done?”.

“Make you the replacement for me at 5 PM,” Glenn Beck said. “I love you. You have taught me much and I have learned a lot.”

If Ron Paul were to get the Republican presidential nomination, the American people would very likely also get Andrew Napolitano right beside him, which is a very scary thought indeed. Then why are so many former Occupiers in love with this Far Right Wing Republican Ron Paul? I think that that is just SICKO.

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7 Responses to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck are from the same Libertarian ilk, Occupiers

  1. Avatar Raven says:

    The day that Tony Logan aka Anthony Logan sits behind a table claiming to reperesent Occupy is the final sign that Occupy Colorado Springs is officially DEAD,Tony Logan and Eric Verlo are so far from what Occupy stands for, it is a disgrace to the Occupy Movement in general! For Tony to assume to know why former Occupiers left Occupy Colorado Springs is pathetic! He is part of the reason that many members pulled their support from Occupy Colorado Springs, however, continue to support the Occupy movement. If one was to support Occupy Colorado Springs based solely on the fact that they CLAIM to be apart of the Occupy movement, it would be no different than one who blindly votes along party lines!!!!!!

    They will try to claim that I am “angry” or that I just want a say, false! I simply refuse to stand idly by while they bring such disgrace to the Occupy movement. I am still very active in the Occupy movement, just not the local joke referred to as Occupy Colorado Springs!

    As for Tony Logan personally, I find it amusing that you claim to be such a “dedicated anti-war protester” yet the real anti-war protesters here in the Springs want you NO WHERE near them!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Raven, you yourself have absolutely no personal history of ever being part of any Antiwar Movement, so how do you know what antiwar protesters here in the Springs might think about anything at all? In fact, you are pretty much pro USA bloated military and pro constant militarism as far as I can tell, and totally lacking in any antiwar sentiment at all. And you pretending that all US soldiers are perfect saints is all pretty damn revolting and sickening. How many atrocities have to be committed by US troops for you to stop pretending that they’re ALL nothing more than a bunch of nice kids?

    I might also add that if I had anything at all to do with just why any Right Wing Libertarian Republican promoting fools left Occupy anywhere at all, then it bothers me not in the least since I have nothing in common with that corporate capitalist/ nationalist chauvinism loving mind set. Good riddance in fact, since these (and your) type of folk actually belong more in the Tea Party than in the Occupy Movement. How confused some of you Rightists actually are!

    I wish you the personal best in your life, Raven, however your current political stances truly do suck big time. The best to you personally though, and I hope you can get over your Jew hating since it would make you a much nicer person if you did.

  3. Ron Paul and libertarianism are what we are coming to, Tony. Better go read up on your Ayn Rand…..

  4. Avatar Ron Jeremy says:

    Hey Tony! How do you like the Gay Porn Videos?

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Jeremy, don’t you have anything to say other than revealing how stupid you actually are by trying to gay bait me? You are a truly a total moron, too, since you know quite well that I have both a daughter plus an educated canine who alone has more brains in the head than you do.

    You Right Wing clowns are now leaving an ugly stink every time you idiots post here. Actually, I feel sorry for you young folk who have nothing better to do than trash talk with a guy aged 60 y/o. What on earth did your parents teach you to have you behaving so dumb and disrespectful of others?

  6. But Tony! You just make it sooooo easy… least Eric displays some semblance of rationality.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I member of the Glenn Beck fan club is talking to me about ‘rationality’? Too funny!

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