Russia and China reject the US-Israeli-Western European push for war against Iran and Syria

The propaganda is now flowing full time, all designed to convince the US and European populations that a war against Syria and Iran is a necessary imperialist intervention. BUT IT IS NOT, and Russia and China are blocking the geo-political attack of the US Empire against them, by way of the US fomenting war against Syria and Iran as well. Vladimir Putin's spokesman has said Russia is not considering changing its stance on Syria and that any attempts to apply pressure on Moscow are "hardly appropriate".

What is most disgusting is to see that much of the US and European Left is also engaged in a campaign of hatred against the Syrian government of Assad, too, along with the corporate Pentagon fed press. While the guy Assad is hardly any sort of saint, the pathetically tiny US Left which has utterly failed in showing any of its own participation in building an Antiwar Movement against the militarism of their own governments, now is actively mobilizing itself in support of the imperialist campaign for more war and against the Syrian government of Assad! How sad is this?

In contrast, there is a section of the US Antiwar Movement that has mobilized its forces against the NATO Summit in Chicago, and by extension against the US plans for war against Iran and Syria. See Thousands march against NATO summit: Stop US and NATO war plans for Syria VIDEO: Brian Becker speaks on US and NATO War Plans for Syria

ANSWER represents the activist portion of the US Left, as opposed to the sit around and do mainly nothing section of the armchair ex Troskyist Left Overs, that at one long distant time ago in the past actually were anti-imperialist in their organization and once led the Movement against the Vietnam War way back then. But that was yesterday and today is today.

Stand up to the US government and oppose imperialist war against Iran and Syria! Don’t just sit around the comp and babble about how bad Assad seems to you. Where were you ‘socialists’ when it came time to build the antiwar movement? Were you asleep? Luckily the Russian and Chinese governments are not as stupid as the liberal and Socialist Democratic mindset Western Left seems to mainly be.

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