Russia and Putin tell the US- No More of Your Pretend-to-be ‘Humanitarian’ Wars!

___ Vladimir Putin is telling the US and its allies to back off on fomenting war inside Syria. Syria conflict: Russia's Vladimir Putin stands firm

Putin says that Russia is neither for Assad nor for the rebels but what it is against, is the US and its allies threatening Syria with war and its arming of the opposition to Assad. Why? Because Putin is no dummy and realizes the ultimate targets of the Pentagon are China and Russia.

Further, the Russsian people back up Putin and the position he is taking. See a most recent Pew poll of Russian attitudes

And further, China and Russia are united against the US military posting itself in Afghanistan forever, and both countries are making overtures to Pakistan to help that country break itself away from US control. Neither Russia nor China are for a US fomented war aginst Iran, with Syria being the opening battle.

Barack Obama alongside the Republicans are playing a very deadly and unsettling geo-political game, that risks the start of a World War. The belligerence and arrogance of our corporate leaders can be seen in their now constant saber rattling over Syria. Now is time for common Americans to demand a stop to all this. Sitting still and doing nothing is really a suicidal approach. NO MORE WAR NOW!

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