Sarah Palin was no aberration, Comrades!

There is a widespread belief in liberal circles that John McCain aberrantly reduced American politics single handedly to a cartoon level of discourse through his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. However, this 2012 campaign shows that liberals give John McCain way more personal credit for destroying all rational bits of interchange in American politics than he actually deserves. The 2012 campaign shows that the idiocy of Sarah Palin was to be no actual aberration at all, but rather merely the announcement of the new American norm of the ‘political’ future FOR THE MASSES…. an Alice in Wonderland landscape that we will ALL be doomed to live constantly within the dark, deep, and dank hole of American culture itself.

Sure, there had been many forerunner signs of Silly Sarah-ism before, most recently beginning from the end of the ’60s with Spiro Agnew leading into the years of H Ross Perot and Dan Quayle and Nancy Reagan and her astrologer to SHRUB DUBYA. But the American public never got fed such a total diet of idiotic nonsense passing as norm as we are now getting in the period of the last 2 presidential campaigns. The disintegration of America’s post WW2 norms has reached such a state that we have now all entered into cartoon land, and not just now only one James Holmes, the Aurora Theater mall shopping shooter himself. Poor guy! He is now completely representative of the 2012 campaign itself! A joker gone wild…. listened too much to Mitt Romney and Barack and he falls into total Lunacy Land …collateral damage once again.

What does one really have to say when all culture that surrounds us has gone completely mad… chick fil a mad? Turn on the radio and all you get is afternoon ‘I’m debt free!… thanks to Jesus Christ’ and efforts to convince us late night that all in the unreal paranormal make believe world real is all real just like in our new cartoon landscape of the present. Matrix World was a way too serious version compared to the actual idiotic matrix we have now all been wired into belonging, too, under total corporate capture. Product consumers into political bullshit consumers…. we have been all turned!

Yes, Sarah Palin was no aberration, Comrades, but was merely the doorkeeper that opened the insane asylum up and pushed us all naked inside through the locked doors. Lights out until we can break out of the silly house if we ever can? (Now where has the Pentagon hid that war criminal Sgt Robert Bales away, too. He reminds me a bit of James Holmes, too…. just minus the orange hair, but plus the shades.) He’s running lose with the minotaur and the ghost of Joe Paterno through the shadows of darkened crazy land, Asylum America.

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