Securing the Colombia landing area for the US military CIC, Barack Obama

“Some are admitting (the women) were prostitutes, others are saying they’re not, they’re just women they met at the hotel bar,” Mr (US House of Representatives) King said in a telephone interview. Mr (Secret Service Director) Sullivan said none of the women, who had to surrender their IDs at the hotel, were minors.

“But prostitutes or not, to be bringing a foreign national back into a secure zone is a problem,” Mr King added. Meanwhile, Mr Sullivan told the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee that the 11 Secret Service agents and officers were telling different stories to investigators about who the women were. So far, 11 secret service agents and 10 US military were said to be involved in this military 'landing' of Commander in Chief Barack Obama in Cartagena, Colombia and the collision with the Colombia whore-force.

***But what’s the problem, Boss? The US military and its many divisions always need some exciting flesh when they ‘secure’ areas for US military use. Is it that we didn’t check these several dozen Colombian whores for whether they are HIV positive or not? What’s the big problem here?

The men just wanted to have a good time, and as good a time as Hillary Clinton seemed to be having at the ‘Havana nightclub’ there, too. What’s the scandal in that? We like those young Colombian whores! Oh YES we do, Boss!***

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