Stephen Colbert- A Clown for President we could actually vote for!

As many of my friends and enemies alike have guessed, I am not a Democrat. I don’t vote for those jerks because they want big government to be run completely for and by capitalists, and therefore like to feed the Pentagon contracts out right and left, forward and backward, up and down. The Democrats like WARS.

They also love banks, insurance companies, lawyers, military ass licks, and bullshitter think tanks/ NGOs and pin headed faux unitarian liberals without a brain, none of which I can stand at all. They hug the Republicans a lot and lie just as much as the Right Winger Pubs themselves do, so I figure if the Democrats can do all that then I might as well hug the bastards myself. And now I can vote in the Republican primary honestly and know that my vote will not be wasted, because master comedian Stephen Colbert has joined the hoss race… Enter Stephen Colbert, Clown Prince for President. Hip Hip Hooray!

‘A Public Policy Polling survey released on Tuesday found Colbert is polling ahead of former Utah governor Jon Huntsman in South Carolina. According to the survey, Colbert has 5% of the vote and Huntsman has 4%.’

As many know, Huntsman is a Mormon just like Mitt Bains Romney himself, Mormon front runner is. If Stephen Colbert will just now find and bring the Holy Book of Mormon into his heart, he could become the Mormon candidate #3 in the race, and that would be enough to get my important vote! So PLEASE write Stephen Colbert and ask him to convert to the Mormon faith and move himself directly and quickly to Utah. Please, Mr. Colbert… It’s simply the right thing to do! The country needs a strong Morman Republican President and you’re just the right man for the job!

VOTE REPUBLICAN come this Fall. Vote Stephen Colbert-USA! Let’s put a real clown in office!

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9 Responses to Stephen Colbert- A Clown for President we could actually vote for!

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Wow, Eric let you on here again, All you do is pick fights, I thought you said you were going to leave the country. Perhaps this should be your cue to go. I heard about how you tried to start a fight today. Tony, nobody wants you around, just get the hell out and don’t come back

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I write about Stephen Colbert’s comedy efforts here, and along comes little Hard ass Ed spreading dirt because he herd that Tony tried to ‘start a fight today’ about which he knows naught, because he wasn’t even there! Off topic eddy at it again….

    Ed, get out of my own country, you stupid clown. Did I even say a damn thing to you other than Hello and wish you good the last few times we have run into each other? That wasn’t enough for you? I guess not. You’re what they call a nasty sober, I believe.

    PLUS, you actually sound like the nerdy Republican tea party Right Wingers with that stuff about getting out of countries and such. Don’t you ever embarrass yourself some when you open your foot in the jaw? You’re supposedly a tough union guy but you come off as ALWAYS as no more than just a dumb ass pendejo more than anything else. Ed, your own brand of Love it or Leave it is really sad sack bs, too. Echos of Right Winger rhetoric. Get a life, and stop trying to start your own fights with others, something you accuse me of supposedly doing. Jeez….. Going to vote Obama once again? Ed…????

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Blah Blah Blah Tony Logan. The Antiwar community can’t stand you, The Tea Party can’t stand you, Occupy can’t stand you. You just have to go and pick fights. One Day you are going to talk shit one too many times.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ANSWER from nasty Ed is basically, YES, he will vote Obama once again in 2012.

  5. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Is that all you got? I thought I would hear something better than that from you, If Obama were to give you a bigger welfare check you would probably be campaigning for him.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Once again, Ed, you simply are an angry Democratic Party guy and you dislike me simply because I am not one of your ilk. The Democratic voter can truly be a nasty SOB when challenged about their backward reactionary politics. Ed, you are just one of many cases in point.

  7. Avatar Pubilious says:

    Hey, Ed

    The Center for Public Integrity found compensation for leaders of the 10 largest unions ranged from $173,000 at the United Auto Workers to $618,000 at the Laborers’ International Union of North America, and almost $480,000 for the president of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. The latter is the target of GOP governors in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kansas.

    The union reports, filed with the Department of Labor, list compensation for all union employees and officers. Salaries make up the biggest portion, but other benefits can include tens of thousands of dollars for meal allowances, mileage allowances and entertainment. Health care and pension contributions are not specifically addressed.

    The reports show that assets of the various labor unions run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and payrolls rival midsize companies. Among the Top 10 unions, dozens of top officials have salary-and-benefit packages that rank them among the top percentage of income-earners in the country.

    And you are surprised when people call you out for hypocrisy?

    Maybe you can fill out a union form to get Tony to stop. Or get one of your mob bosses to have a couple “members” to “talk” with him to enforce your thinly-veiled threat.

  8. Avatar The13th says:

    Old school here. I vote for Jon Stewart’s comb.

    Colbert is Fox is CBS is box. Combs and filters!

    If you keep recommending prime time….I’ll keep selling gospel recordings. All we are saying is…

    …welcome back, Tony, you sweet loveable flower child, you!

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