Steve Jobs, Apple Computers, Foxconn, and China’s repugnant capitalist economy

When Steve Jobs, the big boss at Apple Computers died early October of last year, one would have thought that Jesus Christ himself had just risen to the pearly gates of Heaven. The corporate media of the US could find nothing but pure genius behind Steve Jobs and his company. However…

…there is another much bigger side to the picture of Apple and the US computer industry as a whole, and that is its connections to China’s repugnant capitalist economy and how workers there are treated often times as basically slaves. A recent series in the New York Times has opened a window on this nasty world, by publishing a series of articles about the business practices of the American computer magnates overseas and the info can be accessed through this article on the website alternet titled iEmpire: Apple's Sordid Business Practices Are Even Worse Than You Think

For more info about Foxconn and perhaps the largest ‘Silicon Valley’ of the world check out Foxconn

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