Still no unions in racist Delano, California and racist management and racist owners get caught there once again for abusing their power

…Despite having over a 2/3 majority Hispanic population, it is the racist Anglo community that still runs affairs in Delano, California. For those youngsters who only dimly know their own country’s history, Delano was where the Farm Workers Union tried to organize way back in the ’60s and ’70s when Cesar Chavez used a national boycott of grapes to publicize how bad conditions were in the fields. Well, there are still no unions much in Delano, California (unless one might count prison guard ‘unions’ as being real unions, which I personally do not) and here was the news that made the national news today… Filipino nurses win language discrimination settlement

Without any union for nurses in the hospital, an incompetent and backwards management made life Hell for some of their workforce based on Anglo fears that darker colored people might be talking about them behind their backs. I doubt that patients can depend on the good judgement of these managerial nitwits either. Everybody needs a union to guard and defend against bad management and thieving owners!

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