Syrian Foreign Ministry: ‘US Admin Continues Interference in Syrian Affairs and Open Support for Terrorists’

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – An official source at the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the US administration is continuing its blatant interference in the internal affairs of Syria, its open support for terrorists, covering up terrorists’ crimes, distorting facts about Syria at the UN, and extorting countries and the international community to beleaguer Syria.

The source said that this was made clear in recent escalatory statements within the past few days which coincided with an escalation carried out by terrorists across Syria who murdered scores of innocents, with the most malicious of these statements being the one made by a spokesperson of the US Department of State in 11/6/2012 in which she voiced her country’s concern over the situation in several Syrian cities.

In these statements, the spokesperson voiced concern over the possibility of a new massacre taking place in al-Haffeh, and the source noted that this is actually cause for concern over the possibility of armed groups committing such a massacre as indicated by phone calls between armed groups and their leaderships in Turkey.

The source stressed that these US statements twist facts and falsify what is happening and encourages terrorists to commit more massacres and violence across Syria, stressing that US spokespersons ignore the armed groups’ attacks of al-Haffeh and their assaults on their people, burning of public establishments, vandalism of schools, disruption of exams, and forced eviction of citizens from their homes. Instead, they cover for them and carry out media misdirection for the benefit of the terrorists under various pretenses.

The source affirmed that those who support armed groups and provide them with funds and weapons and cover up their crimes are directly complicit in the shedding of Syrian blood, no matter what statements they make.

The source said that the plan of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan demanded the cessation of violence by all sides, but the armed groups backed by the US and its pawns in the region who voiced doubts over this plan since the beginning had been working to breach the articles of this plan.

The source said that the preliminary agreement between Syria and the UN signed in 19/4/2012 states that the Syrian government has the right to use its forces to maintain security and order and uphold the law, and it stipulates for the cessation of all aggression by the armed groups and relevant elements against the Syrian Army and against state buildings and infrastructure and public services.

The source stressed that this agreement obligates armed groups to cease all illegal actions including assassination, abduction, vandalism and carrying arms, yet the US side and the armed groups who are not oblivious to these commitments have refused to carry out any of them ever since the observers arrived in Syria.

The source went on to say that the Syrian government upheld its responsibility towards its people and its commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity as per the UN Security Council resolution no. 2042, and that the Syrian government only performed its duties in preserving the security and safety of its citizens.

The source stressed that the Syrian government reiterates its commitment to Annan’s plan and its readiness to uphold its commitments and responsibilities in compliance with the tasks it shoulders, and that the Syrian government will not allow armed groups and those who support them inside and abroad to attack, threaten or prevent the international observers from fulfilling their duties.

The source concluded by affirming Syria’s commitment to the security and protection of its people until stability and security is restored across Syria.

H. Sabbagh

Note from NMT- The following was from the Syrian news agency in its entirety While, Assad and his government are certainly not saints, this does sound exactly like countless previous covert actions by the US government over many years before throughout the world. Plus, the US has openly acknowledged that it is arming groups inside Syria.

The US government and the Pentagon simply do not comply with international laws prohibiting military interventions in other countries. The US intervention against the Syrian government has been no different in this regard.

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