Talk about chutzpah? These hypocrites know no self limits!

Here’s this guy, Shomon Peres, who is the architect of the Israeli nuclear program that gave that Apartheid State a nuclear arsenal asking Barack Obama to now go to war against Iran for Israel, because he says “They (Iran) are trying to build a nuclear bomb,” he said. “It is our responsibility to our own people, to our friends throughout the world, to posterity, that the Iranian threat must be stopped, and it cannot be delayed.’

‘Mr. President (Obama), you worked so hard to build a world coalition to meet this immediate threat,” Peres said. “You started, rightly, with economic sanctions. You made it clear — rightly, again — that all options are on the table. Clearly, we support you and your policy.”

Now that’s chutzpah, is it not? Obama actually should demand that Israel dismantle its own nukes along with the US doing that also with American atomic weapons. Then perhaps the urge to develop nuclear weaponry would be less in the world if that were the case.

Iran is hardly the source of terror for most of the world. It is the US and Israel with THEIR own ‘Jewish’ and ‘Christian’ nuclear weapons that terrorizes people. Iran ain’t nothing compared to that.

Talk about religious and cultural bigotry now, Shimon? You as a racist certainly take the cake. See Israeli President Peres to Obama: ‘We support you’ on Iran.

Now who were they (Obama and Peres) accusing of being violent? Was it Obama and Peres and Hillary talking about Assad of Syria?… What a bunch of hypocritical assholes! Especially that Mr. Nobel Peace Prize guy hugging Mr. Israeli Atomic Bomb. Gag us!

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