The Air Force Rape Academy- are the two sexes having trouble getting along in the military?

Let’s face it, having young men and women join together in an authoritarian environment like the military most certainly is, is definitely a sure fire recipe for disaster. And disaster is exactly what’s happening out at the Lackland Air Force base in Texas. Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal: Investigation Has Found 31 Victims So Far. ‘Lackland is where every American airman reports for basic training – about 35,000 a year. About one in five are female, pushed through eight weeks of basic training by a flight of instructors that are about 90 percent male.’ –And the situation is no better with the other branches of the military either. The military is a poor place for young people to end up in TOGETHER with their mutual problems of finding sexual intimacy in their 20s. Egads! What a mess militarism and faux feminism and machismo make when all mixed together. PTSD anybody?

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