The challenge of stopping the nuclear power industry in Japan has just begun

Now that they have TEMPORARILY shut off production at all of Japan’s nuclear power plants is no time for Japanese environmentalists to become complacent, because the Japanese people can now expect a nonstop barrage of top government and corporate officials declaring that this is an untenable situation for them to be commanding the Japanese national capitalist economy with. They are right, too, since capitalism needs ever increasing amounts of power use to constantly command the further and ever increasing, wasteful commodity production of capitalism. Without that, the capitalists stop providing jobs for people to survive on. Japan Nuclear Power Free After Shutdown of Last Reactor. Capitalism is a system of production that wastes human effort on the production of way too much junk, all created by polluting the environment and destroying the world’s ecology irreversibly. Will the Japanese people begin to move toward a radical departure from capitalism, or will they retreat towards the dangers of becoming nuclear energy dependent? Time will tell us the answer to that. Mother Nature awaits.

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