The Colombian government and its US ally ‘negotiate’ a Peace Accord only in complete bad faith

Revolutionary armed forces in Colombia have made Peace with the Colombian government many times, and each time they abandoned armed struggle they were subsequently slaughtered. Now, once again, the biggest of the Left armed groups, the FARC, is trying to negotiate Peace with the Colombian government allied with (and controlled by) the North American gringo government in D.C., having been urged to do so even by people like Hugo Chavez.

The FARC had begun a unilateral cease fire which the government has replied to with only continued bloodshed, even as they go through the motions of showing up for negotiations for a permanent Peace Accord. Is a Peace Accord really even possible with 2 governments, the US and Colombian, that are merely interested in maintaining the total domination of the rich over the poor, FARC? History shows that FARC negotiating peacefully for a permanent Peace with a criminal government of death squads allied with US imperialism really is not truly possible, sadly to say, for the Colombian people. See Colombia forces 'bomb Farc rebels, 20 killed to see how the Colombian government and D.C. have responded to this FARC effort to find a peaceful end to being in permanent armed combat mode.

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