The Colorado Springs Occupy Movement needs to burn some Bibles out at Fort Carson perhaps?

‘The U.S. government and the American commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan apologized after Afghan laborers found charred copies of the Koran while collecting rubbish at the sprawling Bagram Airbase, about an hour’s drive north of Kabul.’ See Reuters Six killed, many wounded in Afghan Koran protests.

A fake D.C. ‘apology’ is not enough though. The US soldiers deliberately disrespected Occupied Afghanistan and deliberately insulted the Afghan people who are overwhelmingly Muslim, and the US soldiers just don’t care much how they trample on these poor peoples of the world they are hired guns to oppress. So what if Occupy Colorado Springs were to burn some Bibles so that these soldiers headed out to Afghanistan don’t just forget and repeat with some new atrocity or another against the Afghan population?

What if also the American Antiwar Movement threatened to burn some Bibles out at all the US military installations around the US? Wouldn’t that get the message through to the US troops that some of us American people are just as outraged at ‘our’ US occupying army contempt for other peoples of the world as the Afghan people are themselves? Yes, I think it would get that point across rather sharply!

It would also bring into light the entire issue of just how wrong it is for the US to be militarily occupying Afghanistan. It simply really is a criminal act our country as a whole is engaged in as a whole, and we should be utterly ashamed of what ‘our’ troops are doing, and not proud about them at all. Shame on the US for being ‘holy book’ burners! The US troops knew just exactly what they were doing and chose to disrespect the people who hold another religion than their own.

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10 Responses to The Colorado Springs Occupy Movement needs to burn some Bibles out at Fort Carson perhaps?

  1. Avatar KTP4TKLFD says:


  2. Avatar Kim says:

    If only I could meet you face to face. You yellow backed coward!!!! You blood sucking leech off the back of the brave and HONORABLE (something you know nothing about) Men and Woman of the Military. Next time a terriorist comes to a liberal City near you don’t you dare ask them for protectioln you rotten piece of crap of a human!!!

  3. Avatar Don says:

    Don’t take his idiot’s ramblings to seriously people- he’s just another loser who’s entire life seems to be tossing pooh at other people instead of dealing with the harsh reality that he is a low life.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Hi, Mob creatures.

  5. Avatar J says:

    Let’s find out, let me kill you Tony and I will see how I feel after!

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    J, do you know that it is a criminal act to ‘Menace’ somebody threatening to kill them?

  7. Avatar Chris says:


  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    This isn’t the real Chris, because he’s a lot smarter than this idiot posting in his name.

  9. Avatar margie weber says:

    I would love to meet this FUCK UP myself so I could personally spit in his face, better yet SEND YOU to Iraq and Afghanistan and see how they treat you! YOU are a sick creature that should burn in hell! Your a MUSLIM LOVER MORON SOCIALISTIC IDIOT you sick fuck

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Now come on, Marge! You just made me want to burn some Bibles outside your church. What’s the name of it PLEASE? Is it a Pentagon chapel perhaps?

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