COVERUP and hiding away of ‘Waldo’. Where is US Sergeant Robert Bales?

We have recently been fed a series of ‘revelations’ by the media about military men and secret service agents going off to frolic with prostitutes in Cartagena, and now in San Salvador as well! Oh, the horrors of it all! Did they really? But what about the man the Pentagon spirited away from justice being delivered in Afghanistan, and has now hidden away in the US alongside ‘Waldo’, one would have to guess? Where is Waldo and where is US Sergeant Robert Bales, leader of a US-Pentagon made war crime in Afghanistan? Where is Obama hiding the All American man?

One sick and recurring propaganda theme, is that Bales was supposedly merely a victim, who went ‘temporarily’ insane because of some bad anti malarial medicine. Oh, we can get him off with that one! How easy… He did his crime all by himself but he was merely a victim and not the criminal! SWEET! The bad medicine made him do it then!

Less easy to pull off, would be blaming the Bales’s actions on alcohol. He was driving while drunk… Here is that thesis in print… Accused G.I. ‘Snapped’ Under Strain (of too much alcohol), Official Says and it certainly is much more problable than blaming it on an anti malarial med all alone. The problem with going with this ‘driving while drunk’ tale, which would sacrifice Bale as being labeled a very bad boy’, is that drunks drink with others, and while drunk commit crimes with other drinkers as their accomplices. That would make the slaughter of 17 Afghan civilians A SOLDIER GROUP ACT, something the Pentagon is trying hard to not have the massacre labeled. So what will the Pentagon bosses do? All stories look implausible or incriminating.

Meanwhile, as they wait and try to get the world to forget that this massacre by US troops of innocent Afghan civilians ever happened, they have Sgt Robert Bales WELL hid away from all public attention. Can anybody spell COVERUP?

Send Bales back to Afghanistan, and stop covering the crime up for the criminals sake. Not too many people around the globe, except outside our own dumbo American population, are falling for any of this coverup. It simply just stinks.

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