Daily Show with American communist Jon Stewart – US problem w/ UNESCO

Part One and Part Two …I’m trying to imagine if President Ron Paul would handle UNESCO funding much different than Obama and the Democratic Party?

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2 Responses to Daily Show with American communist Jon Stewart – US problem w/ UNESCO

  1. Avatar James says:

    I fail to see how this involves Ron Paul. He would probably not fund UNESCO but not for the reason of spiting Palestine.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The point being made to you supporters of Ron Paul, James, is that Ron Paul is not pro progressive or pro Peace in any real manner at all. You are right though that the argumentation of Ron Paul against funding UNESCO’s more humanitarian programs would be opposed by Ron Paul for different reasons than Obama has chosen, BUT THE NET RESULT IS STILL THE SAME…. no funding of UNESCO.

    Ron Paul would also pull all forces back from proxy battlefields like Libya, Iran, and Syria, yet would be even more hair trigger with starting the really big and direct wars with countries like China and Russia, which could easily escalate into a total nuclear tragedy. The man is not pro Peace and antiwar, but simply wants to arrive into power recalculate how these wars are initiated and done by the US government. THE NET RESULT IS THE SAME though…. we engage in dangerous and violent conflicts that ultimately mess us and the rest of the world over big time.

    Why would anybody in the Occupy Movement be enchanted with a guy who wants to eliminate ALL social programs funded by government, leaving only Police and Military to be big time government funded still, I do not know? Put on your thinking caps, Libertarian grunts! Your ideology is major league bullshit that would try to make American capitalism into an even bigger menace to the Planet than it already is.

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