Horrible Things that Empire Offers US

This is a NMT guest commentary by Fidel Castro… The Empire offers US an inhuman destiny. …It’s nothing to smile about.

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5 Responses to Horrible Things that Empire Offers US

  1. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Go figure Tony that Castro is a guess he’s a communist your a communsit the whole ocs movement is now communist your all about change as long as you and Eric have complete control ain’t you

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Anticomunsit, don’t worry about it. Eric and I have complete control over next to nothing. And Fidel is about dead. Viva Mitt Romney to you Buddy.

    Now what were we talking about?

  3. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    It is amusing to see how many people are afraid of shadows. As I was taught in a Texas high school by a retired army Colonel turned history teacher, Communism with a big ‘C’ is an economic principle and communism with a small ‘c’ is the do-unto-others, loafs-and-fishes principle that Jesus taught. Words seem to scare commenters on this blog. Hopefully, the words will make them think.

  4. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    I will admit communism in a small community will work…but Communism for a country won’t…look at China yes technically they are still communist but they’ve become more Capitalist over the years..why because they don’t want what happened to Russia happen to them…look at North Korea they can barely feed there own people and no I’m not a Mitt Romney fan…so thanks Tony for once again for accusing or calling certain things in an attempt to bash them I’m not trying to change your views but if you cannot do anything other then insult people then you should not try and argue with.people

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I know you’re not for Mitt, Anticom. You’re for Ron Paul no doubt. What you going to do when he tells all of you to vote for Mitt though?

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