The Invisible Man – President Obama’s soldier at large, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

Sgt. Robert Bales is the Obama Administrations ‘Invisible Man’. He is also the Pentagon’s stealth killer and the American war machine’s hidden ‘hero’. He is the guy now taking the lone fall for what a group of American soldiers collectively did as they slaughtered down a total of 17 civilians, including 9 children in the middle of the night.

Where are they keeping Robert Bales hidden away from the people of Afghanistan? What cowards we are all are for letting them get away with this sick con played out by Obama and his Pentagon team! Our love of ‘the troops’ seems to keep Americans from being able to open our eyes about how the militarization of our society is turning us all into a group of collective degenerates. We have collectively lost our sense of shame.

YES, we all know that it was not merely a lone crazy that killed those children next to our war base in Afghanistan. It was ‘our’ US army. Bales covers for what his men collectively did, and the Obama Administration now covers for Bales.

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2 Responses to The Invisible Man – President Obama’s soldier at large, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

  1. Avatar E says:

    People tend to forget he served 10 years honorably during these wars and he is facing the death penality. A good family man that something verry verry bad happened to over there. War is hell and people have benn known to “snap” as far back as war goes. The government did this bad thing to this guy and needs to get him help and recovery. Not the death penality or life in a cell. That is no way to treat our own soldigersI

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Actually, Bales’ real personal record shows that he went into the army after defrauding an elderly couple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars while he was their stockbroker. See below…

    Further, Bales also had a lengthy record of abusive behavior as a drunk, but was coddled along due to him being inside the military…


    Bales was not exactly ‘a good family man’ and one catches glimpses of that just from the many photos that have been published of him. He looks more like a sociopath than anything much else, E.

    Open your eyes some. Think. Bales was a petty criminal type that the US military simply found use for as their own hired killer. Not all soldiers are like Robert Bales but quite a few of them do match his profile. More than just a few perhaps/// There are many men inside the US military that understand this about their fellow soldiers. For one example, just go ask the many women soldiers that have experienced being raped by their ‘comrades’ in uniform.

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