The Los Angeles Chalk Wars

Has the US Police State ever gotten down to such a base level of Stupid before? The Los Angeles cops and Occupy are now battling it out over the Occupy practice of chalking side walks and walls with political messages. It’s like any level of Free Speech actually practiced is just too much for the Pigs in Blue there! What are the city government managers thinking? Chalk protests at downtown L.A.'s ArtWalk draw a defiant new line Occupy L.A. members clash with police as they use ArtWalk as a canvas for their anti-gentrification theme.

Don’t they have better ways to spend city money in LA than on cops policing people for chalking? Let’s hope that this level of Stupid never ever hits Colorado, though I am absolutely sure that it certainly could happen. The Police State is everywhere these days!

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  1. Avatar Ms Rental Momma says:

    Yes, they have better things to do.

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