The mental sickness of our US war god Barack Obama revealed on Korean Peninsula

What’s with this sick man the Democrats elected president of all of us in the US? ___NEWS ITEM- ‘A huge North Korean flag disappeared behind a tower of flames and thick black smoke Friday as South Korean fighter jets and U.S. attack helicopters fired rockets in the allies’ biggest joint live-fire drills since the Korean War.’ ___Huge US, SKorea War Games Called Warning to NKorea

I’m beginning to think that Dubya and Dick were sane in comparison to the current crew of US war mongers ruling over our planet… Hillary, Leon, and Barack seem to be gunning for starting just about any war where they can then pose themselves off as macho on US so-called ‘defense’ in time for our 2012 selections. It’s hard to believe that Romney could be any worse then this stupid, nutty CIC apparently is.

Can you imagine if another nation was to center their military war games on destroying a giant American flag? Deliberately insulting the sovereignty of another people is certainly no way to negotiate a Peace with them in good faith. Oops, you say that Barack Obama is lacking good faith here? What? This great man of CHANGE?

The deliberate symbolism of making the North Korean flag a stand in for the people of North Korea themselves and then making it all disappear in a cloud of smoke from rockets and bombs is SICK, SICK, and the SICKEST thing imaginable for a world leader to have arranged to be done.

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