The Mitt Romney Campaign versus Honey Boo Boo

Mitt Romney is kind of the Honey Boo Boo of the American ruling class, so lets put the two shows up against each other and judge who will win the election by how long each and every registered voter can watch episodes of the 2 respective shows? Democrats will probably all watch Honey Boo Boo for far far longer than they will be able to tolerate watching Mitt Romney commercials. Republicans will most probably watch Honey Boo Boo only a couple of seconds until they head over to the other TV with Fox News reports about how cute Mitt and family are. From this scientific basis of this ‘poll’, we should be able to predict who will be winner of the US elections! Go to Honey Boo Boo Land to watch endless episodes of this program sandwiched in between commercials. Go to Fox News to see endless episodes of the Mitt Romney Show sandwiched and marketed as football commentaries, bad programming, and commercials for Mitt Romney. Now…. how much of each (Boo Boo vs Romney) could you tolerate? Cast your vote, Americans! Mitt vs Boo Boo?

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