Perhaps the Pentagon helped make North Korea a totalitarian theocracy

Is North Korea really a communist country as the corporate media keeps telling us it is? And just what is a communist country anyway? What makes a country ‘communist’?
For example, how can China be considered ‘communist’ when it has had the hottest capitalist economy going in the world in economic growth expansionism? And how can North Korea be considered such a thing as ‘communist’ when succession to the political throne has been handed down from grandfather to son to now a grandson? And North Korea is a place where even many of the world’s Christians now view the ruling state ideology there in North Korea, which is called The Juche Idea as being the Juche Religion, and the newest and fifth largest religion in the world at that? Strange to call the North Koreans communists it really is! The ruling ideology is more religion than ‘communism’. The government there is now actually a religious monarchy defended by a huge military machine from the barbarian outsiders, the USA. Not much ‘communism’ in that society at all. Just a lot of religious cultism.

Never heard of Juche? Then google some on Juche Religion and find more about it. Kim Il Jung, the supposedly ‘immortal’ founder of this religion was raised in a Presbyterian family where his maternal grandfather was a Protestant minister and where his own father had gone to a Christian missionary school and was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, with both his parents being very active in the Korean Christian religious community. Kim Il Sung is considered basically an immortal God now in North Korea, and strange religion that is, and not hardly much marxist leninist or ‘communist’ left in such a bizarre totalitarian mix at all. There is more Jesus in Juche Idea, and more Buddhism, too, than ‘communism’. All the fervor there is part of the religion Juche.

So let us ask ourselves, Fellow Americans, just what effect has decades of US aggression against North Koreans and the billions upon billions of US war making dollars spent, had in creating such a messed up mix? If we had just left these people alone instead of killing millions of them and then continuing our aggressions on the Korean Peninsula for decades, things most certainly would have turned out quite differently for the Northerners living there.

Juche Religion, the religion made by US Pentagon spent dollars! Couldn’t it have all been spent in much better manner? Of course it could have been! Why did we allow America’s corporations, feeding off their Pentagon contracts like vampires, to screw up North Korea as well as making a giant mess out of South Korea, too? Why didn’t we just leave the Koreans alone?

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