The Police- The ruling class’s army against our own US population

One of the most irritating parts of the Right Wing infiltration of the US Occupy Movement was their constant lecturing to other Occupy Movement participants that police should supposedly all be considered just another part of the ‘99%’. This was a dishonest lie though. The police are actually the ruling class’s army against us of the ‘99%’ and not just another part of the general population of the US.

Here is a link to al jazeera’s most recent examination of this internal US army and its current strategy of using foreign occupation force against the US population itself, where most of the US meatheaded population actually most usually always seem to express total love for ALL the ruling class’s uniformed thugs (including the police), stupid as that is. The ruling class will eventually use this police army of theirs to beat all our heads in if we just stand by stupidly like sheep and allow that to happen. See Have US police forces become too militarised? We (al jazeera) asks whether civilian police operating as paramilitary forces actually make the US safer.

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